QuickBooks për OJQ

quickbooks per ojq

Tracking Income

  • Setting up members and donors
  • Recording individual donations
  • Tracking and receiving grants

Tracking Expenses

  • Setting up vendors
  • Entering and paying bills
  • Paying employees
  • Classifying expenses by program
  • Use petty cash

Advanced Budgeting

  • Entering and reviewing budgets
  • Copying prior year’s budgets
  • Tracking budgets by program
  • Entering budgets by grant
  • Preparing budget reports for the board of directors
  • Generating budget vs. actual reports

Understand Accounting

  • Debits and credits…the essence of accounting
  • Double entry accounting and how it applies to QuickBooks
  • financial statements
  • Setup the chart of accounts
  • Change and fix the chart of accounts
  • Setup and use subaccounts


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